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Other Features

Rapid Advance Business Loans

RapidAdvance, specializes in providing immediate cash to small and mid-sized businesses. We help small business owners like you succeed by providing the capital you need, when you need it. Simply stated, we want to be your partner in success. Unlike banks that require collateral and personal guarantees, RapidAdvance offers flexible capital funding with easy-to-meet requirements. This gives you the freedom to run your business the way you want, and the money you need to:

• Help meet payroll or tax obligations
• Expand your inventory
• Pay for repairs or purchase new equipment
• Eliminate debt
• Increase sales and marketing efforts
• Remodel
• Cover emergency expenses

We put immediate working capital in your hands – quickly and easily – by providing a cash advance on your business’ future credit card sales. Funds are deposited into your account electronically, and repayments are flexible. Once approved, your cash advance
will be wired to your bank account within seven (7) business days.
Now that’s rapid!

Other Features

Check Guarantee/ACH

Electronically deposits your checks received in person or in the mail by scanning through a check reader that is connected to your computer or credit card terminal. Check Guarantee or Verification reduces the risk and cost associated with accepting checks and increases your cash flow.

Electronic ACH Debit of checking account authorized by a consumer or business and merchant is funded.

  1. Easily integrates into most existing point-of-sales hardware and payment gateways
  2. Skip the trips to the bank and banking fees
  3. Reduce bad checks
  4. Detailed online reporting of all activity
  5. Increase sales by accepting more payment types

Other Features

Paper Roll

We provide thermal paper register rolls for the payment solution equipment that produces high quality, easy to read receipts for customers and sales records. Each roll has a vibrant white surface that dries instantly ensuring that text is crisp and durable. Our printer rolls are versatile and compatible with thermal printing devices we offer solutions for, fitting most common credit/debit machines, cash registers and calculators.