Merchant Accounts for Retail Businesses

BPS is a Tier 1 multi-platform payment processor used by merchants large and small across the nation.  Our retail merchant account services supply a comprehensive cost effective solution for thousands of retail merchants across the United States and we would love to help your business too.

Our solutions include:

  • Credit card processing

  • ATM/PIN debit card processing

  • Electronic Check Conversion

Credit Card / Debit Card Processing

Accept credit cards? No doubt about it, this is a question that must be answered with YES! With BPS, we offer cost effective retail solutions for single location specialty stores as well as larger chain stores:

  • Dedicated point of sale terminals, such as the new VeriFone VX520
  • Customizable interface with our gateway allows a wide variety of cash register systems to process payments
  • Virtual terminal option
  • Wireless terminals, allowing you to set up remote kiosks, sell at trade shows, or set up temporary check-out areas during rush periods.
  • Other retail processing solutions are available

Electronic Check Conversion – POS eCheck Service

Reducing check risk and expediting cash flow are just two of the advantages to retail merchants in adopting the Electronic Check Conversion services. Eliminating bank fees for depositing checks, returns, and redeposited checks also saves money for the retailer.

All of the services above allow you to process checks electronically, returning the physical check to the consumer. The debit is processed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), with funds deposited directly to your account in two business days.

Online Reporting

View both credit, debit and check transactions online securely.  Merchants can view their processing activity the very next day.

Customer Service

We back our merchant account services by providing U.S.-based telephone customer service 24/7/365.

When our merchants or partners have a question or problem they’re not directed to scroll through an endless “knowledge base” or wait 24 hours for an email response. Our friendly customer service department is operational day and night, weekends and holidays to answer questions and provide solutions.