Mail Order

Many businesses today accept payments for their products and services over the phone, by mail or by fax.

The preferred method of payment for these types of sales is through debit card and credit card acceptance. There are several ways to process these types of card not present transactions or MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) transactions.

The first option, is to key enter in your customer’s credit and debit card transactions into a credit card terminal. If you already own a credit card terminal, our tech department can reprogram it over the phone for free. If you do not own a terminal you will need to purchase one. Please view our list of credit card terminals to see which terminal best suits your needs.

The second option, is to key enter in your customer’s payments into the Virtual Terminal which allows a merchant to authorize, process and manage credit cards, debit cards, and check orders from any computer connected to the Internet. There is no software to install. Once logged in you’ll be taken to a secure order page encrypted in 128-bit Secure Socket Layer technology where you will enter in the necessary information to process the transaction.

Do you currently own a credit card terminal or POS system? We can reprogram your equipment for you for free. After your account is approved our tech department will reprogram your credit card terminal or POS system over the phone at no cost.

Do you currently process credit cards through QuickBooks but would like the flexibility of choosing a merchant service provider of your choice, preferably one with lower processing rates and fees than you are currently paying?